The National Independence Day concert

11 November 2019

Our orchestra played its firstand exceptionalconcert during the celebrations of National Independence Day in Lubin. It was held on 11 November at the Our Lady of Częstochowa Church, along with a celebratory Mass. Our show was accompanied by the wonderful voices of incredible soloiststhe Mexican soprano NEIVI Martinez and the baritone Michał Ziemakand the talented Lubin youth.


The Polish National Wind Orchestra in Lubin
Mariusz Dziubek – conductor
Wrocław Academic Choir, conducted by prof. Alan Urbanek
Military University of Land Forces Choir, conducted by Maciej Wojciechowski
Marta Kołodziejczyk’s Choir—singers:
Letycja Mazurek
Fustyna Krześniak
Milena Stachowska
Blanka Dziubek

The “Oktoich” Choir of the Polish Orthodox Military Ordinariate
Neivi Martinez: soprano
Michał Ziemak: baritone
Patrycja Kosior: singer
Karolina Ziemlicka: singer
Michał Kubicki: singer
Yana Semerenko: singer
Marta Kołodziejczyk: singer
Natalia Witwicka: singer
Szymon Lichuta: trumpet
Natalia Rosa: Scottish bagpipes