It is time to start the concert—find our more about us!

Who are we?

People with passion for whom music is the whole world. Trained and professional musicians. A group of music aficionados who form a professional orchestra, to raise a smile, strong emotions, and above all, a fascination for classical compositions. We want to share our love of orchestral music with others.

We are the first philharmonic wind orchestra in Poland, a symphonic orchestra performing wind arrangements of classical, film soundtrack, and popular music. This is an absolute novelty among Polish orchestras!

The members of our orchestra have musical training, extraordinary skills, and a lot of experience. If you want to learn more about us and see the passion we work with, do it through the music we create. Come to our concert. Listen and discover our abilities.


The base for our logo was an artistic expression of the propagation of sound. The large number of intertwining lines creates an interesting structure which adds dynamism to the logo. That way, we also wanted to reference the power of sounds, the impressions experienced by the audiences at our concerts.

The main colour our visual identity is red. It reference expressed the energy, passion, and temperament that characterise our shows.